Poker Patience

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poker.jpgA great little strategy game for you poker players out there. Set the cards to make the best poker hands vertically and horizontally.

Game: Card Solitaire

Einfaches aber sehr gutes Poker Patience Game für Poker Spieler. Versuche deine Karten Horizontal und Vertikal zu platzieren.

Eigentlich ein richtiges Solitaire Kartenspiel, nur im Poker Style.

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Meltdown, Aktion oder Puzzle?

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meltdownpuzzle.jpgAn addictive puzzle game. Try to destroy all of the atoms in the reactor by exploding ‚em. Clicking on an atom expands it. Atoms that are too large explode, sending particles into neighboring atoms.

Your goal in this online puzzle game is to explode as many atoms as possible. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on a hex to fire a particle. Particles make atoms grow. Atoms that grow too big and unstable and they will explode and send particles in six directions. If those particles strike other molecules, those atoms will grow and hopefully also explode. If you destroy four atoms with a single click you will receive a bonus particle. The game is over when you run out of particles. Good luck!

Okay, die Deutsche Übersetzung kann ruhig in die Kommentare geschrieben werden, oder?

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Double Twelve

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domino.jpgA solitaire domino puzzle game. Try to eliminate all of the dominoes by removing pairs that total 24 from a standard double-twelve set.

Endlich gefunden, ein Solitaire und Domino Puzzle Spiel in einem. Versuche alle Domino steine zu eliminieren.

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Elementris, online Puzzle Game

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elementris.jpgA simple puzzle game where you build larger and larger molecules out of component atoms. And you might learn a bit about organic chemistry in the process, as recognized molecules are described.

The main objective is to earn points by placing atoms onto the board to make complete molecules. Rotate atoms with the arrow keys or the mouse wheel.

Einfaches Online Puzzle Spiel mit ein wenig Chemische hintergrunde. Baue immer grosser werende Molukule, wobei das ziel ist soviel wie möglich punkte zu bekommen. vergesse nicht das du die Molekule drehen kannst.

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Countdown Dice, Puzzle Games

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dice.jpgTake as many turns as you like, but don’t get yourself stuck! Launch rockets and gain some points. How much, though, are you willing to risk?

Versuche es so oft du möchtest, aber verliere dich selber nicht im Online Spiel. Schiesse „Rockets“ ab und sammle die notwendige punkte. Versuche ein wenig zu riskieren, aber auch nicht zuviel.

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Olive War, Arcade Game

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olivewar_screen.gifYou are a heavily armed olive, the latest of an elite fighting force of gun-wielding condiments. Protect the planet Salad Bar from attacking vegetables. Good Luck, soldier with this Real Arcade Game.

The object of the game is to score as high as you can during a set length of time. Move your olive left and right. Shoot down the flying object for points. Don’t let the objects fall on you – you will lose points.

A game of Olive Wars! in action. I just hit the lower potato. I’ll have to watch out for it though, as I don’t want it to hit me as it drops out of the sky.

Wer Übersetzt dieses spiel? Oder alles immerhin schon klar?

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ConFusebox, Puzzle Games

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confusebox.jpgThe object of ConFusebox is to light up all the bulbs and connecting wires. To rotate a piece, hover the mouse over the right or left side of each cell. Try to light up the whole board with the fewest moves.

Confusebox online Puzzle Game.
Verbinde alle Glühbirnen mit den Stromleitungen, in so wenig wie möglich Schritte natürlich, wir wünschen viel spass mit die Glühbirnen.

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Chess Card Solitaire

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ad_chesscards.gifAn addictive, but time-consuming, solitaire card game. Try to line up all the cards into rows of suits by moving the cards like chess pieces.

Rules Summary, The object of ChessCards is to line up all of the cards into rows of the same suits. The cards move as follows: Queens can move any distance orthogonally, jumping over other cards as necessary. Kings move just like kings in chess (one square in any direction). Jacks can move any number of spaces diagonally, jumping over other cards if necessary. Even-numbered cards can move one space orthogonally. Odd-numbered cards move like knights in chess.

Chess Card Solitaire, versuche die Karten in die richtige reihenfolge zu bekommen, durch Sie mit „chess“ Schritte zu bewegen. Lustiges aber sehr zeitintensives Spiel, aber ein Wenig anders wie ein „Normales“ Solitaire Game.

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Brain Bones, ist es Yahtzee?

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skullbones.jpgTook me a while to get the gist but it’s real fun. Try to break 500 points. A challenging puzzle game. Roll the dice and manage your discards.

Try to get a positive score! Brain Bones is a bit like Yahtzee – but with a lot more strategy involved. There’s still a bit of luck involved, but I challenge you to try and beat this :)

Richtiges puzzle Spiel, wurfle den Stein, wie im Online Casino und veruche auf alle fälle eine + Score zu erreichen. Ja okay, hat bei mir auch lange gedauert :-)

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Ballistic Balloon Baboon Bounce

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baboon.pngA quick little puzzle game. Bounce all the balloons off the bouncers, putting out the fires and avoiding the baboons. Click on either side of the bouncers (the little gray bars) to rotate them. Press the „launch“ button to launch water balloons. Put out the fires, then splash all the girls.

Schnelles, aber einfaches spiel. Versuche die Ballonne in die richtige richtung zu schiessen („launch“), durch die richtung dementsprechend zu ändern, damit das feuer weggeschossen wird. Also Lustiges spiel, aber nicht unbedingt top! :roll:

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